Work With Us (Demo Submissions)

Put our A&R team to work. We're listening.
We gonna like a little more information about who owns the rights to the music you want to distribute with us. We want to hear your music and learn more about you! We carefully review each and every application so be sure to share as much information here as possible. Do you own rights or no. We don't work with artists or recording labels that use downloaded beats and samples. We in Notable Voice Records also have beat makers so if you can't afford beats we can help with us.
Remember, the deal you gonna receive is gonna be between you/your label, IRSSA and Notable Voice Records.
You must agree that if IRSSA accepts my application then the terms and conditions will apply and you acknowledge that by clicking “Submit”, you are 18 years of age or older and you have read and understand the practices in relation to the use and disclosure of personal data as described in IRSSAL's privacy policy.